Warsaw winner of the title for “BEST LIGHTED MUNICIPALITY AND CITY OF 2022”.

Below are a handful of statistics on the winner of the honorable title for “BEST LIGHTED MUNICIPALITY AND CITY OF 2022”, which was awarded to the City of Warsaw represented in the Competition by the Warsaw City Roads Authority. STUDIO DL Polska | Lighting Design, on behalf of LUG Light Factory and in close cooperation with ZDM Warszawa, completed Stage I of the modernization of luminaires in the city of Warsaw ( including the implementation of the so-called “Right of Option”).
For Warsaw:

  • We designed 936 streets,
  • we made more than 1,872 calculations,
  • We have created 6513 models of traffic situations,
  • We have refined 1,037 street sections,
  • For a total of 42414 new fixtures.

All of this would have been impossible to organize without working with ILS Intelligent Light Space, a lighting infrastructure management application. Together we prove that this honorable title-“THE BEST LIGHTED MUNICIPALITY AND CITY OF 2022”-was most justified. Together with our partners, we are enjoying the success and at the same time preparing for the next stage. Warsaw is waiting for 35341 new fixtures.

*The awardis given by the Polish Lighting Industry Association and was ceremonially presented at the International Trade Fair LIGHT 2023