The Museum Quarter in a New Light: A Collaboration of Expertise

Creating light is an art, and as passionate lighting designers we believe it is essential to hear every voice at every stage of the process – from initial concept to radiant realization.

Last Wednesday we took a special step towards completion.

Together with a dynamic group of stakeholders, we walked past various (partial) lighting projects in the Museum Quarter, to make the final refinements and perfect every detail.

Parties involved in the project:

  • Monument Care (Municipal of The Hague)
  • Welfare (municipality of The Hague)
  • Department of Economics (Municipal The Hague)
  • OVL (Municipal The Hague)
  • PCO Infra
  • deCroq&vanZutphen Architects
  • Stichting Kloosterkerk
  • Rijksmuseum de Gevangenpoort

Keep an eye on our updates. Exciting news about the official delivery date of the total lighting plan for the Museum Quarter will follow soon.