Jarocin is changing!

A city with two faces – traditional and calm and rebellious and brave. To show this complexity of personality, it was decided to use traditional techniques of lighting for historic architecture and defiantly accentuated streets leading to the market square: Śródmiejska, Wrocławska, Mickiewicza and Św. Ducha. In addition, contemporary symbols of the city, such as selected murals or the building of the Kamienica Kultury were given an alternative night face. These extreme elements are connected by a common concept of color temperature and consistency in the use of a hierarchy of objects. In addition, historical buildings were illuminated in some places in accordance with the principles of stage lighting to continue the theme of Jarocin traditions and refer to the rebellious nature flowing in the veins of the city.

We want f/light!

The first stage of the implementation of the lighting masterplan developed by the STUDIO DL is the lighting of the streets leading to the heart of the city, which is the market square with the town hall. Although these are places where elements of crazyness and rebellion are envisaged, the concept assumes a certain order in the use of means of expression. First of all: marking the entrances to the old town area – through light points on the ground which will “invite” to follow towards the market square. The lights are a reference to the “forest of lights” created in the past by lighters and today mobile phone flashlights that appear at rock concerts during ballads.

Another element heralding the arrival of the market are spots of light. This is a literal transfer of the experience from the concert stage. Visitors can feel like stage stars bathed in sacred spotlights. Between the elements opening and closing the streets, there are also: streaks of light breaking through the trees, which create a moving, hypnotic image on the city floors, neon lights or “angel’s” wings on Św. Ducha street. These elements are an incentive to integrate, have a good time and share experiences with friends.

The linking element and another navigator are light signposts. Technology has been used that has the ability to display various content and will lead to attractions in Jarocin, but also humorous content that all rebellious souls should appreciate. Therefore, do not be surprised that the return from the Jarocin market will be different than the way to it.

A city known for its innovation and progress, also in the field of night image cannot fail. The entire process of design, implementation, subsequent operation, as well as the use of tools to create light scenes are supervised by employees of the Municipal Services Department in Jarocin. In the hands of ZUK, which is the lighting manager in the city, there is now a full spectrum of tools for creating and implementing the night image of Jarocin.

The next stage of the implementation of the global lighting plan (lighting masterplan) will be the illumination of the Town Hall.

Get ready!