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Hanover office


Dipl.-Ing. Norbert Wasserfurth-Grzybowski | Office founder and owner

Studies: Electrical engineering (TU Gleiwitz), lighting technology (TU Warsaw & TU Karlsruhe)

Focus: light planning, organic lighting design, light-color-emotion, light in health care, visualization in 3D space, research and teaching at the Hildesheim University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HAWK).


Dipl.-Ing. Olga Westermann | Landscape & open space planner

Studies: Landscape and open space planning (University of Hanover)

Focus: cityscape analyzes, master plans, light in the landscape


Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Hanne Wever | Lighting designer

Studies: Lighting Design (HAWK)

Focus: lighting planning, project analysis, CAD, interior lighting


M.Sc. (TU) Emlyn Etienne Goronczy

Studies: Architecture (TU Braunschweig)

Focus: interior lighting, urban light planning in exterior areas, prevention of light pollution, teaching at TU Braunschweig


Christian Freisfeld | Lighting Designer BA

Studies: Lighting Design HAWK

Focus: lighting planning projects in the Netherlands, daylight planning


Philip Lentz | Dipl. Wirt.-Ing | Office management

Studies: Industrial engineering and mechanical engineering ( TU Braunschweig)

Focus: Marketing, Controlling and Business Development


Mgr. Elzbieta Wasserfurth-Grzybowska | Finance and communication

Studies: Polish Philology (University of Silesia Katowice)

Focus: bookkeeping, accounting, communication, finance


Gregor Gärtner | Lighting Designer MA

Studies: Lighting Design (HAWK Hildesheim)

Focus: lighting planning in the interior and health sector

Stuttgart office


Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Johannes Käppler | Lighting designer and office manager

Studies: Lighting Design (HAWK), lighting technology / light application (TU Ilmenau)

Focus: lighting planning, project planning, corporate design


David Ruland | Lighting Designer BA

Studies: Lighting Design (HAWK Hildesheim)

Focus: interior and exterior lighting planning, project planning

Warsaw office


Dr.-Ing. Marcin Ciupak | Lighting engineer and office manager Warsaw

Studies: Lighting Technology (TU Warsaw)

Focus: Illumination of historical and classic buildings, planning and light calculation of luminaires, photometric calculations of special lighting solutions, video visualizations in 3D.


Dipl.-Ing. Anna Dłużewska | Lighting Engineer

Studies: Electrical Engineering (TU Warsaw)

Focus: light planning, light calculations, 3D models, concept visualizations


Dipl.-Ing. Conrad Rychlik | Lighting Engineer

Studies: Electrical Engineering (TU Warsaw)

Focus: Illumination of modern buildings, lighting master plans in 3D models, lighting calculations


Dipl.-Ing. Agnieszka Wawiórko | Lighting designer

Studies: Lighting Technology (TU Warsaw), Sociology / Social Applied Sciences (University of Warsaw)

Focus: concepts for object lighting, visualizations, 3D models, lighting calculations


Dipl.-Ing. Mateusz Cieślik | Landscape & open space planner

Studies: Landscape Planning (Warsaw University of Natural Sciences)

Focus: landscape and open space planning, analyzes, lighting design, graphics


Dipl.-Ing. Magdalena Pożarowszczyk-Bieniak | Landscape & open space planner

Studies: Landscape and open space planning (Warsaw University of Natural Sciences and Warsaw University of Technology)

Focus: landscape planning and open space planning, analyzes, lighting design, master plans, scientific projects

Ms. Pożarowszczyk-Bieniak is currently on parental leave.


Dipl.-Ing. Piotr Ratajkiewicz | Lighting designer & project manager

Studies: Lighting Technology (TU Posen), Project Management (Posen University of Economics and Business)

Focus: project management, marketing, light calculations, light management systems

Amsterdam office


MSc Ritsert Huijsman | Industrial Design Engineer

Studies: Industrial Design Engineering (TU Delft)

Focus: lighting design

Friends of the company

Consultant Prof. Markus Schlegel | TSP.DESIGN, HAWK Hildesheim

Studies: Chemistry – paint, varnish, plastics (Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences)

Focus: color design, color and space

Consultant Prof. Dr.-Ing. Paul W. Schmits | HAWK Hildesheim

Studies: Electrical Engineering (TU Berlin)

Focus: teaching at the HAWK, lighting design, luminaire design


Studio DL develops individual, creative and meaningful lighting systems that are based on the wishes and budget of our customers. An aesthetic design that blends harmoniously into the room is just as important a criterion for us as the high-quality lighting technology that is in and behind our unique lights.


For us, innovation is not just a word, it is what sets us apart. Studio DL works closely with the University of Applied Science and Art in Hildesheim. Current findings from science and research flow into our work. New studies from light and color research are developed and presented together with the universities and their students. Studio DL researches, teaches and promotes the next generation out of conviction.


Computer-aided 3D visualizations realistically illustrate an illuminated object and its surroundings. In this way, they convey an exact picture of the lighting even to the inexperienced and create a clear picture of the result before implementation. As a communication tool, the precise representation of several lighting variants is possible and cost-intensive test installations can be dispensed with. Studio DL uses these advantages to discuss the project at a table with customers, investors, architects and conservationists and to guarantee optimum development.


Lighting design

To effectively and dynamically stage architecture and rooms while at the same time allowing them to merge with their surroundings – that is our intention. In order to achieve our goals and your success, we collect creative ideas, mix them with a lot of experience and design, plan and design meaningfully. Ultimately, in our design ideas and developments, we can also answer the question of “why?”. Because our concepts are not only based on our experience, but also on scientific studies and analyzes.